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Order Fulfillment

order fulfillmentAn efficient order fulfillment operation requires technology, manpower, and expertise. Many organizations lack these essential components because they either don’t have the necessary time or financial resources to acquire them. Fortunately, these businesses can increase their efficiencies and bottom line by outsourcing their order fulfillment needs to the logistic experts at IntegraCore.

The logistics authorities at IntegraCore can provide order fulfillment services and supply chain services for a number of industries, including:

  • Educational
  • Charity
  • Specialty electronics
  • Nutrition
  • Personal care
  • Fitness
  • Government
  • And more

Our dedicated and extremely efficient employees boast nearly 200 years of combined industry experience and will ensure that every job is finished on or ahead of schedule. Our facilities feature 150,000 square feet of floor space and the state-of-the-art technology to make certain that orders of all sizes are completed with 99% accuracy. Our pick and pack, contract packaging, and supply chain logistics services can even reduce your operating costs by up to 60%, all while improving the efficiency of your order fulfillment. With warehouses in Utah and Atlanta, we can ensure your orders are delivered on time, every time, whether shipping to Nashville, Jacksonville, Minneapolis, Kansas City, or anywhere across the globe.

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