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Signs of a World-Class Outsourcing Partner

Before you sign a lengthy service contract, make sure your chosen outsource company is the right fit for your company’s needs. There are a few important things to consider as you compare different companies.
Trusted Outsource Partner
You’re entrusting part of your business to another company and they should be viewed as an extension of your company. Not only should they be an extension of your company, they should look for ways to streamline and save your company money. They should be open and readily available to fulfill your company’s needs. Does the outsource company have your best interests in mind? Do they see themselves as a partner? Do you have total confidence that your needs will be fulfilled?
IntegraCore has been in business for 20 years and is a trusted outsource partner for all of our clients. We take pride in knowing the needs of our clients and being a part of their business. Our goal is to help our companies succeed by providing peace of mind that their Non-Core Business Processes are running smoothly.
When seeking help with procurement, you want an outsourcing partner with experience. Working with suppliers and contacts to deliver your products at an overall lower cost of ownership takes skill and buying power. What would it mean to your company to have one point of contact for everything that happens to your company’s products from production to fulfillment?
IntegraCore is a leader when it comes to procurement. We regularly save our clients an average of 10-60% on their product, kitting and procurement needs. We recently saved one client $36,000 in material cost in one year. Eliminating the need for clients to call five or six vendors for one product, IntegraCore can handle everything.
Real-time Inventory and Reporting
Why would you outsource to someone that isn’t able to show your inventory in real-time or give you customized reporting on raw materials for shipping? Your company should be able to access your inventory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It should be as if the inventory is right next door. You should also have access to reporting to help your company make vital decisions.

IntegraCore supplies our partners with access to our world class ERP system. We also provide 24 standard reports and can design custom reports based upon the unique needs of our partners. Partners are also able to view their inventory in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Your company needs a partner that can grow with your business. Many companies will tell you that the size of a warehouse is the important thing to look at when considering a partner. Size does not determine capacity. The real test is in the output capacity of the partner. What good is an oversized warehouse if they can’t output like a streamlined partner? How many kits can they build and ship on a monthly basis? It is one thing to estimate your capacity and another to know it. Make sure you pick a partner that has the capacity to meet your company’s needs.

IntegraCore has the capacity to produce over 1,000,000 kits and ship over 1,000,000 packages on a monthly basis. These are not estimates but are actual numbers we producedfor one of our partners.
Worldwide Shipping
Does your company know what declarations and paperwork are necessary for a package headed to Italy? How about optimizing a package’s size and weight for best rates and discounts? Shipping worldwide is not simply saying, “Global Shipping”. Your company needs a partner that is streamlined for Global shipping and knows the ins and outs so that when something is shipped overseas, you are confident it will get there.

IntegraCore’s partners count on our expertise in international shipping and logistics. Because of our expertise we were able to save one partner $86,000 in one year on shipping. Our current partners ship product on a monthly basis to more than 70 different countries. You can rest assured knowing that when a shipment needs to be somewhere, it will get there on time and to the right place.
Inventory Accuracy 99%
It’s your inventory and you want to make sure that it is handled even better than you would handle it. Not many companies can say their inventory accuracy is 99% or above. Shrinkage and receiving or shipping errors can cause inventory inaccuracies. Inaccurate inventory can result in bad business decisions based on incorrect data. You need a partner that can offer a guarantee that when inventory slips below 99%, they will pick up the difference.

IntegraCore’s inventory accuracy is 99%. We offer our contract partners a guarantee that if ever their inventory accuracy rate falls below 99%, we will make up the difference.

On-time Delivery and Order Accuracy 99%
What happens to your company’s image if items are not shipped in a timely manner or shipped incorrectly? It gives you a bad reputation. Make sure your outsourcing partner has a tried and tested on-time delivery and order accuracy rate of at least 99%. You need a company that can offer a guarantee that when order accuracy and on-time delivery slip below 99%, your losses are covered.

IntegraCore’s on-time delivery and order accuracy rate is 99%. We know that accuracy is vital for your company’s good reputation. We offer our contract partners a guarantee that if their on-time delivery and order accuracy rate falls below 99%, we will cover the difference.