Health and Fitness Fulfillment with IntegraCore Fulfillment

With a boom in the health and fitness industry, it’s likely you’ve noticed an increase in the number of packages you are shipping out. As business increases, managing and shipping your inventory will only become a larger, more time-consuming task. Why not turn this portion over to the professionals at IntegraCore Fulfillment, and let us manage your health and fitness fulfillment needs?


Who We Are

Since we opened our doors three decades ago, we have been working tirelessly to offer our customers nothing but the best service possible. Shipping out 1.5 million packages each month, we guarantee that we have the experience and resources available to give your inventory the attention and care it deserves. Some benefits of choosing IntegraCore Fulfillment include:


Transparent Business Practices

At IntegraCore Fulfillment, we pride ourselves in our transparent business practices. With us, you have constant access to your inventory and personalized help when needed. Some benefits of choosing to do business with us include:

  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • No upfront costs
  • No hidden fees
  • Flat rate charges regardless of the channel you sell with


Health and Fitness Fulfillment Services

We have ample experience working with health and fitness products, helping businesses store and ship:

  • Vitamins
  • Supplements
  • Pre-workout
  • Protein powder and ready-to-drink bottles
  • Energy drinks
  • Energy bars
  • Fitness equipment
  • Workout attire and accessories



We would love to show you how much more you can get done when you let IntegraCore Fulfillment manage your inventory and order fulfillment, giving you more time to focus on important matters.

Contact us today to request a quote and learn more about how you can benefit from our fulfillment services.


*We do not handle temperature controlled or hazmat materials or items.