You have a fantastic product. You have customers who want it. You’re busy finding more customers while keeping your current customers happy. Wouldn’t it be nice to take the pick and pack order fulfillment off your full plate? With IntegraCore Fulfillment, our pick and pack services offer peace of mind that your orders are being handled with care, speed, and accuracy.

What’s Included in Our Pick and Pack Warehouse Services?

We know your products are your lifeblood, and we take precautions to protect them, including:

  • Using bubble wrap or air pouches to provide cushion and minimize shifting
  • Selecting appropriate container sizes to minimize void space, maximize content protection, and also optimize freight charges
  • Individually wrapping or separating items that could damage each other
  • Drop and shake testing
  • Our standard shipping containers are padded envelopes, poly bag mailers, or corrugated boxes (up to 14”x10”x10”). Our standard packaging is included in the dunnage charge ($0.60 per order). Extra fees apply to exceptions.

How We Operate

We keep things straightforward so you don’t have to worry about any surprises.

  • No monthly order minimums
  • All orders received into IntegraCore WMS NLT 9:00 am will be fulfilled the same business day
  • Only United States and Canada order fulfillment
  • We use these supported small parcel freight carriers: UPS, Fed-Ex, & USPS
  • If an order is too large for one standard shipping box, the order will be divided across multiple boxes
  • Partial orders – All available items will ship, with back orders created for any out of stock item(s)
  • Small parcel shipping fees are calculated per parcel
  • All items picked and packed at the Each UOM level
  • In addition, all items to be shipped must be included on the order (e.g., marketing flyers, inserts, etc.).


Our services don’t include:

  • Serialization capture
  • Custom packaging or boxes larger than 14”x10”x10”
  • Rush orders
  • LTL/FTL shipments
  • International orders other than Canada
  • B2B Customers Only
  • Items over 84” in length or over 150 lbs.
  • See Acceptable Products Guide for more product specific exclusions

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