When you’re running a business, you are faced with a variety of challenges, especially the responsibility of wearing a dozen hats. IntegraCore Fulfillment understands the unique challenges you face, and we’ll help you save time by handling your entire internet order fulfillment for you. Our integration process allows your platform/shopping cart to work with our system – so you can get back to growing your business.

What's Included in Our New Client Setup?

If your eCommerce shopping cart is on any of the 50+ standard. We’ll handle:

  • Mapping and testing to make sure we can import your order from these platforms.
  • Setting up your account on PortKeyTM (our proprietary customer portal) so that you can check the status of orders, monitor your invoices, and more.

If you aren’t using those shopping carts/eCommerce platforms, no problem. If it's standard, we’ll handle the integration process seamlessly. Services include:

  • Integration and testing to one of the industry standard eCommerce platform/shopping carts such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more. This connection is for receiving orders only. Any other integration, such as putting holds on orders is NOT included and will be charged extra.

What We Need from You - The Expectations

You need to have an account and credentials on the shopping carts/eCommerce platform you want us to use when we fulfill orders. We’ll perform mapping for shopping carts/eCommerce platforms we’re pre-integrated with, but we’ll need you to run a test to ensure we can receive the order correctly.

Once the integration is successful, you’ll need to “flag” the orders you want us to import on your eCommerce platform. We’ll then update the orders with the following 3 statuses:

  • “Imported” for orders that are successfully imported
  • “ImportERROR” for orders that are not successfully imported
  • “Shipped” once the successfully imported orders ship


Our setup and integration services don’t include custom integrations for any shopping cart/eCommerce platforms. In addition, we do not provide technical integration support. EDI integrations are not offered at this time.

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