Warehousing is expensive for a small or medium business owner. With IntegraCore Fulfillment, you pay only for the space you need and scale on-demand. Our low storage rates and access to our 1.5 million square feet of storage space, combined with our warehouse fulfillment services just make sense. You’ll gain peace of mind and precious time while saving money.

What’s Included in Our Warehousing and Receiving Services?

This service includes only the following. ANY additional steps that need to be performed will be charged extra (see options):

  • Unloading truck on the dock
  • Inspecting for visual damages
  • Inspecting for license labels
  • Forklifting pallets and storing in high density non-temperature controlled storage (max of 50 SKUs total. Please contact us for a custom quote if you have more than 50 SKUs total).
    Support related to implementation, account management, and use of our customer portal to view your personalized inventory and orders.

All of the above will be completed within three days if all of the "expectations" are met (see below).

What We Need from You - the Expectations

  • Any receipt of inventory should be scheduled with IntegraCore Fulfillment and an Expected Receipt (ER) or Advanced shipping notification (ASN) should be sent to IntegraCore Fulfillment 24 hours in advance. Any exception to this will be considered “expedited receiving” and will be charged extra as outlined in the “pricing and options” section.
  • Parcels are expected to be on a standard (40”x48”) GMA pallet. Any loose parcel or parcel not on a standard pallet will be re-palletized on our standard pallets for storage and the customer will be charged for pallets and labor.
  • All pallets should be securely wrapped. Any loose wrapping will be charged to the customer.
  • All pallets should have a license label clearly marked with item number, count, description, and quantity on ALL FOUR SIDES. Any missing labels or missing information on the label will be created and charged to the customer.
  • All inventory stored by us needs to be insured by the customer for the appropriate value. IntegraCore Fulfillment is not responsible for any loss or damage due to fire or other natural causes such as flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.


Our warehouse fulfillment services do not include:

  • Counting items
  • Repacking or Palletizing
  • Creating license labels
  • Temperature controlled storage (e.g. cold storage)
  • High value item storage (e.g. protected/monitored cages for expensive jewelry)
  • Any receipt with more than 50 SKUs

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